Sunday, September 6, 2009

Endurance News Magazine Cover and Pure Joy!

Most of my photographer friends don't understand why I get so excited when I have an opportunity to provide a photo (then have it selected) for the cover of Endurance News Magazine.
After all, no money is deposited into my bank account...contributions to the magazine are done for free. I compete in endurance riding, so I suppose it's obvious. I love to give back to the sport. I was pretty jazzed when I saw this photo from Day 1 of the Fort Stanton Pioneer Endurance Rides in July. Hannah is so cute, her horse is wearing his necklace and life is good.
She is experiencing the pure joy of just riding her horse. I had the pleasure of talking with Hannah during the ride week and she is quite the young lady...I have another photo of her playing in a water tank (see previous post from July) with her friends in ride camp, one night after they had all competed.

Speaking of pure joy, earlier this year I noticed I just didn't have the same excitement towards booking photography work. Instead, I felt I was being led to go back to the basics of photography, and why I started it to begin with. I purchased a new laptop, upgraded my photography editing software and have now attended two photography workshops this year. During the workshop in May, it all became clear. I needed to go back to the beginning to remember why I started taking pictures to begin with...and the joy of showing an owner a photo of their horse, or dog, or child that literally takes their breath away. I've learned so much about myself and my photography in these two workshops. It's ALWAYS supposed to be about the pure joy...like Hannah riding her horse!

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