Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'll Fly Away...

Today was the first day of the White Sands Hot Air Balloon Invitational. Those magnificent folks and their flying machines...err...balloons! They were so colorful and fun to photograph. Or were, until the sun left shortly after arriving this morning. I got a few shots during the 15 minutes or so of great sunshine before the balloons were swallowed by way too much light.

Watching them get ready to inflate was fascinating. They just kind of "stood up" and shortly thereafter, were in the air...

This one was hilarious...loved the cactus balloon. I looked behind me where moments before, there had been nothing and saw this! Too cute!

This photo just reminded me of the song "I'll Fly Away"...then the song was stuck in my head all day long!

Tomorrow, the balloons that flew over Alamogordo will fly over White Sands National Monument and the ones that were at the Monument today will fly over Alamogordo. The kids at the park in town this morning were on Cloud 9 (no pun intended) watching all these balloons. What a great Saturday morning!

Until next time...Linda


  1. Me too! I think it's the sky and the way the sun hit the clouds...

  2. Wow! i grew up in NM and this was a day we always loved. thanks for sparking some memories for me.