Saturday, October 3, 2009


Amy and I are in Colorado for the Komen Race for the Cure!
Today is a down day (Komen walk is tomorrow) so we've been playing with the dogs,
and all of them love the frisbee~
I love the fall colors! They are just starting to turn for the season.

This is Tug, my sister Brenda's new rescue dog.
He's awesome and poses for each throw of the frisbee!

This is Snickers, Brenda's border collie. She is, of course, in charge of the frisbee!
Herding bred dogs are great, however, they expend energy at an unbelievable rate, rest for an hour or so and then go right back to running and chasing again.
In fact, our Australian Shepherd, Benson, who is here visiting with his "cousins" is
running so much I wasn't even able to get his picture today...

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  1. Hey there, have a great walk tomorrow. Wet and cool here today -- so you didn't miss much. Cress