Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Eyes Have It...

I had the privilege of taking photos of a pretty magnificent guy, Flight Leader, recently and he just had a presence about him that kept my eyes glued. Naturally, he was showing off at the time and that made it all the more fun to watch! Even his name projects intensity and power.

But it was his eyes...they just danced...like he knew exactly who he was and why he was so special.
The truth is, he does know and that is exactly why he had such an air about him. Sassy, dancing, loving, compassionate eyes...and a little devious too!

Today I thought I'd share that "look". It's what little girls who love horses dream of.

It's not something you soon forget.

Blessings, Linda


  1. I am so glad that you posted this picture mom :) What an awesome shot of Flight Leader. Were we not just talking about Valentino the other day... he very much shared the "the look" that this guy does. They know exactly how loved they are and who they are. It's nice to still see my boy around through other ways! Love you and great job! I just love how your photography is coming... you're so great!

  2. What a stunning horse! I'm a sucker for a flea bitten Arabian ;)

  3. OMG what a beauty! Steph

  4. What a majestic animal!! Great shot!