Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Met Him in Korea...

I met him the first evening I arrived at Kunsan Air Base, Korea. It was January, I was freezing, having just walked knee deep through the snow (in dress blue uniform and high heels, no less) to get to my new barracks room. It had just been a 15 hour flight from California to Korea so I wasn't necessarily in my best mood. He was sitting at the club with his boss...actually, our boss, since I was now assigned to the maintenance branch too. On top of everything else, I looked horrible.

Things didn't get much better for a couple months. I was in charge of the equipment status report for the maintenance branch we were assigned to. We had multiple arguments over equipment reports (he obviously didn't understand how complicated my job was.) I was just as capable of determining if a motor generator was broken or not, after all, I was a mechanic too...but since I was a woman, and it was 1981, I was put in the administrative section, in the offices. Yuk...

Then there was the day we had a "we've gone to war" exercise...I was trying to get into all four hundred pounds of my chemical gear. That included wearing a gas mask and that meant no coffee, which also put me back in "not my best mood." He said he had a solution, and that I could drink coffee through my gas mask tube! Eureka! Coffee salvation! What happened next must be imagined to get the full effect...here I am, gas mask over my head, holding a cup of coffee, sucking it up through a very small tube. Soon, it dawns on me that my mask is filling up and all you can see are my eyes, which are now changing from green to brown, due to the high level of coffee in the mask and I'm starting to drown...we got off to a great start!

I told him when we decided to get married that I would always have horses. He figured that meant we would go visit the horse every couple of weeks at the boarding stable.. eh....not so much.
We've been a team competing in endurance riding for over 20 years now. He's the pit crew, I'm the rider. He points me in the right direction to get down trail after about 20 miles when "rider retardation" sets in and I can't remember which way to go. He is known far and wide for his pit crew abilities and always makes sure everybody gets help if they need it. I love him for that too.

Today, I cherish every day with my best friend...my husband. We have so many wonderful memories of Korea and every place after that. We were blessed to raise a daughter together who is our life's joy. Most of all, we have made it through some very sad, tough times.
It's so comforting now to be able to see how it all worked out and know that God had His hand on our lives all along. We are truly blessed!

Happy Anniversary Jim! Can't believe it's been 28 years...here's to 28 more!


  1. happy anniversary...what a blessed life you have.

  2. Thanks! We are truly blessed! And trying to pass on what little wisdom we've gained through it all...thanks for the comment!

  3. I love you both so much! I love this post mom...
    You will never know what a blessing it is for me to see you two so happy and so in love. God has been so good to our family and continues to shine on us...
    Thank you for showing and sharing your love.
    All of our love and prayers...
    Congratulations again :)