Monday, October 5, 2009

Pink is My Favorite Color...

On Sunday, Amy, my Mom and I had the privilege to once again walk with my sister, Brenda (she's in the middle of the above photo) in the Komen Race for the Cure in Denver. Denver's event is one of the largest in the country and this year we had over 53,800 people walking and running! My lovely sister is a multiple-time (is that a word?) cancer survivor and we try to get to as many of the Denver walks as we can. Amy and Brenda made the classy pink fleece scarves you see around our necks...even the guys wore them!

This is a random photo taken as we were nearing Mile High Stadium during the walk. This many people keyed up towards a united cause is an awesome thing to witness. This year, together, we raised over $1,000,000 for cancer research and grants! I'm so proud of everyone!

This was one of our favorite "wigs" during the walk...all the pink accessories were so cute!

OK...I hid this photo in the middle on purpose! We had so much fun talking to these ladies! They were Mammographers from one of the local Denver hospitals. They were all dressed up as owls and the "boob" balloons were hysterical!

This is a view from the I-25 overpass as we were walking. Everyone was doing the "wave" from one end of the on ramp, over the overpass, and down onto the street below. It was terrific!

Can't you just feel all that energy!
Mothers walking with photos of their daughters lost to cancer. Men walking with pink signs on their backs supporting their best friends going through cancer...their wives. Children walking in memory of their mothers lost to this horrible disease.
Emotions ran the gamut from laughing and cheering along the route, to crying as you walked behind a father who just lost his daughter...

Bottom line, my sister has taught me how to LIVE. Every day, to the fullest.
I will forever be in her debt...

If we can help find a cure before next October's Race for the Cure in Denver, I can take
Brenda to the Broncos game instead...that's in my prayers, for sure!

Blessings, Linda


  1. came across your post! nice photos of a great event!

  2. This was a great trip mom :) Thank you so much for making it happen :) I can't wait for next year with dad and Lucio getting to go, oh and the new baby :) Wonderful weekend and just another year with our Beautiful Bren :)The one that taught us that nothing matters more than happiness and family. Smiling everyday no matter what... Love you mama! :) Love you Auntee Bren

  3. We had a great time! Nothing better than getting to walk with Brenda another year! WOO HOO!