Sunday, November 15, 2009

Desert Colors & Rio Grande Endurance Ride...

I have never seen the west mesa light up like it did yesterday morning.  We had another
great endurance ride on the west mesa near Anthony, NM.

When you live in the desert southwest, you kind of forget about the fall colors, but
yesterday, we had a visit from the fall colors of the midwest.

Ride manager, Randy Eiland, casually mentioned we might like to get photos
over by the dam and when we got there...WOW!  The sun was peeking around
the storm clouds making the red on the mesa look spectacular.

Watching everyone climb this hill was neat.  Our sport rocks!

Yep, I'm pretty much in love with the wild, wild, west!
Thanks Randy, for the chance to ride 55 miles AND take photos!
And many thanks to the volunteers and our terrific ride vets!

Until next time,  Linda

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  1. ummmm....consider me officially JEALOUS!!! Awesome!