Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Princess...

She was born in 1993, and bred by Charles and Jeanne Craver of Craver Farms, one of the oldest and most respected Arabian preservation breeding farms in the country.  

She's a straight Davenport bred mare, and kind of became my distance riding horse by default.  I had two other horses I was competing on at the time.  One died of an EPM relapse, and another was killed in a freak storm when we lived in Michigan.  

Artemisia CF is 17 years old this year, and celebrating her 12th consecutive year in distance riding.
Two weeks ago, she completed 70 miles at the El Paso-Las Cruces Endurance Ride in fine form and loved every minute of it...

She has quite the personality, and ran away with me once on the 6th day of the Ft. Stanton Endurance Ride in 2005.  I wasn't sure we were headed in the proper direction, turned her around to go back to our last water stop to verify trail with the radio guy.   She thought that was a stupid idea.  She stopped, reared up, spun around and took off down the trail we had just been on.  Sure enough, over that ridge was the water tank and trail I had been looking for.  She's a good girl and certainly doesn't put up with any of my ignorance!

She is quite the celebrity at our house.  Notice her new purple and pink "princess bridle" I got for her.
She deserves it.  

Blessings, Linda

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Benson, the Wonder Dog...

This is Benson, the wonder dog.   Here is his story:

We adopted Benson from the Benson, Arizona (hence, the name) shelter in 2007.   After driving 4 hours to Benson, arriving 20 minutes before they closed, we were told he was to be euthanized the next day if he wasn't adopted.  We had decided on an Australian Shepherd mix after living with multiple Doberman Pinscher's over the years.  I just couldn't stand the thought of losing another Dobie, so I opted for the breed I had had in high school.  Ben is an Aussie/Heeler mix and probably the best dog we've ever had.  Truly.  The guys at the shelter called him "Crash".  They went on to show us why.  After mopping the kennel floor (which was incredibly long) they called him inside.  He ran so fast he couldn't stop and crashed into the back of the cages.  Multiple times...

He's my trail riding buddy and joins me on all conditioning rides with the horses.  The first week we had him, he killed a rattlesnake about 100 feet ahead of me on trail.  I knew then he was definitely something special and he has since kept up to date with his rattlesnake shots!

Yesterday, he decided that rolling around in horse poop was the coolest thing to do..ever!  He subsequently was invited to bathe.  I pointed my finger to the bathroom and told him to go take a bath.  He immediately walked into the bathroom, and jumped into the tub.  I am not lying!  He normally hates baths, but yesterday, he apparently knew he was in deep doo doo (no pun intended) if he didn't get that smell off his hair...

Until next time,  Linda

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jim Jones Stallion Award

One of the first people I rode an endurance ride with when I moved back to the southwest
was Blake Potter.  Blake was still in college then, and such an easy person to like and talk to.
I don't think I've ever heard Blake say a bad thing about anyone and I always look forward to his pure love of riding and affection for horses.  Thanks Blake, for lots of fun ride miles shared over the past few years.  I always look forward to seeing you at the rides.

This year, Blake rode David and Tracy Kaden's stallion, FLF Go Flight Leader, to win
the 2009 AERC Jim Jones Stallion Award.  Just a shout out of congratulations to Blake
and this wonderful horse...  Well deserved!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Las Vegas...

Took a couple of days R&R in Las Vegas this past weekend.  I don't know what it is about this town,
but it never ceases to fascinate me.  It looks different every time I go there.  This weekend, I seemed to
focus on the "old" Las Vegas...the Rat Pack years...the old Fremont Street casinos and Neon Signs.
The neon is spectacular at night, making Las Vegas look completely different than the "forever under construction, blowing dust" look of daylight.

    I love these two signs.  Cowboy and (a little provocative) cowgirl.  They've always been my
favorites, along with the cowboy on the horse (above).  It was kind of sad to see how empty the streets looked this trip, but comforting to see my old neon sign friends waving hello when we arrived downtown! The signs were restored and re-lit by a donation.  Money well spent.

The Fremont Street Experience (above) is not to be missed.  The light show is in the millions of lights, and you can stroll along the downtown area without much concern for cars and traffic.  Most of it is
blocked off for pedestrians.

What would Vegas be without Elvis!  He was strolling along Fremont Street
welcoming everyone to the downtown district.   Wish he would have sang.

Of course, I have to add one more horse photo here...this was a sculpture in
front of the Wynn Resort on the strip...absolutely stunning.

And, in case you're wondering, we have no more of this than when the trip started:

Blessings, Linda

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wil & Camille

You may remember Wil & Camille from an engagement session a few months ago.
January 1st was their wedding day.  The bride thought things were hectic, but to me,
it was a normal wedding day!  She was gorgeous and "glowing", as all brides are...

I love how Wil's uniform showed up on this photo!

She arrived at the plaza in a horse-drawn carriage...a complete surprise to her groom!

Thanks for letting me a part of your very special day, Wil & Camille!
..and thank you both for your service to our country...

Blessings, Linda