Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Princess...

She was born in 1993, and bred by Charles and Jeanne Craver of Craver Farms, one of the oldest and most respected Arabian preservation breeding farms in the country.  

She's a straight Davenport bred mare, and kind of became my distance riding horse by default.  I had two other horses I was competing on at the time.  One died of an EPM relapse, and another was killed in a freak storm when we lived in Michigan.  

Artemisia CF is 17 years old this year, and celebrating her 12th consecutive year in distance riding.
Two weeks ago, she completed 70 miles at the El Paso-Las Cruces Endurance Ride in fine form and loved every minute of it...

She has quite the personality, and ran away with me once on the 6th day of the Ft. Stanton Endurance Ride in 2005.  I wasn't sure we were headed in the proper direction, turned her around to go back to our last water stop to verify trail with the radio guy.   She thought that was a stupid idea.  She stopped, reared up, spun around and took off down the trail we had just been on.  Sure enough, over that ridge was the water tank and trail I had been looking for.  She's a good girl and certainly doesn't put up with any of my ignorance!

She is quite the celebrity at our house.  Notice her new purple and pink "princess bridle" I got for her.
She deserves it.  

Blessings, Linda


  1. I LOVE that photo! And the one of Benson, too. We couldn't be prouder of Artemisia or of you folks!

  2. Thanks Jeanne. Couldn't be where we are without you and Charles!

  3. What a great post mama! She is beautiful... and yes "The" Princess!

    What a journey... I remember the day you brought her home... what characters we had in our fields... more like blessings... all of them true blessings :)

    Love you!