Sunday, February 28, 2010


Lighting on early morning shots fascinates me.  It never ceases to disappoint if you just stay in the moment long enough to capture it.  Usually, just one shot is all you get of each horse when they're just situated perfectly.

Every once in a while, I get chills while I'm taking a shot...
It usually means God just blessed me with a fun photo!

Got those chills again yesterday photographing the Sun City FEI Endurance Ride in southern New Mexico.

Blessings, Linda

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Every once in a while, I have the opportunity to assign photo rights to an artist wanting to
use them in a painting.  Tom Renick, of Murals by Renick called me recently.  We had a great chat
about where he would be painting the mural and I was really excited to see the end product.

Here it is!  Farmers Branch Elementary School in Texas now has a new wall mural.
I think Tom did an outstanding job and I'm honored that he chose a couple of my photos to work from.

Naturally, the photos he chose were taken at the Monero Mustang Sanctuary.

Here's the artist himself with the finished product.  Should you find yourself in need of a painted mural, let Tom know.  He's a pretty talented guy!

Blessings, Linda

Friday, February 19, 2010

$25.00 discount...Mounted Canvas!

I am holding ten $25.00 discount coupons for mounted canvas orders!!!

If you haven't gotten a photo made into
a canvas yet, you don't know what you're

They are beautiful, textured and hang
right on the wall, straight out of the box.

Notice how the sides of the photo can
wrap around the canvas.  They are

Call me if you'd like a photo made into
a canvas...check my website to select
the photo you'd like to use...



Friday, February 12, 2010

Blast from the Past...

One of the unexpected pleasures of being a photographer, is that occasionally, someone asks you to go back and retrieve photos from the past.  I received that request this week from a friend, and found myself going back to the Ft. Stanton Endurance Ride from 2006.  I had the old film negatives converted to digital files and have uploaded them to my website.

What fun it was to just browse back through and see friends from a few years ago.  I stumbled upon these two photos.  Blake Potter and his "grandfather", Jim Brown, who have both now ridden winners of the AERC Jim Jones Stallion Award!  If you'd like to go browse the gallery, it's now featured for a few days on the website.  Justus Photography Website


Until next time,  Linda

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ashton and Artemisia...

Our nephew Ashton and my Mom visited us this past weekend from Colorado for our daughter Amy's baby shower.  The weather turned sour when they were on their way home, so they turned around and came back.  The benefits of having a photographer in the family is that all you have to do is ask, and            Voila!  Photos!

Ashton rode Artemisia out with me yesterday and did a great job!  Wish he was around more often to ride endurance horses with me.  We'd have a blast!  Thanks Ash, for all your help and gosh...I hope it snows in Colorado for days!  We're enjoying the visit!

Until next time, Linda