Monday, March 29, 2010

Empowering Yourself...

Recently I was asked to read a book called "Empowering Yourself" by Harvey J. Coleman.  It was one of those, "enhance your career" riveting reads...I was sure. 
I attacked the book in a series of "I'll get to it next week" excuses, but was finally in a position where it was all I had to read, so I finally picked it up.  I had been dead wrong about it's content.  It is a very well written book about utilizing the tools and resources available to you to excel in your chosen career field.  While it primarily applies to the corporate world, there are segments of the book that would apply to anyone.  For example, according to the author, you can accomplish anything in your career as long as you understand and accept some ground rules...the game is about people and everything else in life is just details. (I'm quoting)...
You don't get promoted unless someone goes to bat for you.  It takes another person somewhere in the chain to accomplish a promotion...anywhere.  Someone has to believe in you, recommend you and mentor you.   When I read this, it was like a light bulb coming on.  Or as Oprah would say, my "Aha" moment.  So many things in life are about networking...with people.  Whether it's getting to know your neighbors and building a "community",  or networking with others who can help your career ladder rise above the clouds.  No matter what you do for a living, think about mentoring someone else.  Think about being a friend to others...just because.  Think about subject matter experts  you can approach to pick their brains on trying something new you've always wanted to master.  People are truly flattered and willing to share their gifts if they think someone else is  interested in what they know.  Life is a game, to a certain point.  I believe we were all placed here with gifts.  Gifts to share with others.  Mine is photography and the knowledge of horses.  I realize it's a stretch, but it's true!   I've learned not to attempt gardening, painting, singing, dancing or much cooking.  I stink at all of those things.  It took me multiple attempts at gardening and cooking to realize anything I made was NOT going to look like the picture.  
So, hone the gifts God has blessed you with.  Stay in those lanes.  Excel at what you do.  It's okay to be the best Mom, the best Grandmother, the best friend of someone else. You don't realize how much impact one gesture of kindness and love can mean to someone who is hurting or in need of encouragement.   Be  one of those people who pay it forward.  Look around and see if there is someone in your world who reminds you of you.  Encourage them.


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