Saturday, March 20, 2010

There Are No Words...

After being reminded of the time, energy, money, worry and love that it takes to welcome a newborn baby into your life, I just wanted to say a few words:

Thanks to all the Moms who consider this a privilege and an honor.  You truly are the glue that holds families together. 

Thanks to all the Mothers who adopt children.  You're able to continually remind them that they were chosen and that makes children (me) feel special every day. 

Thanks to the Mothers who, due to whatever circumstances requiring them to give their children up for adoption, do so.  There is no greater love. 

Thanks to the Dads who comfort the Moms when they think they still look pregnant a week after delivery. 

Thanks to the Grandpas who still can't believe their "baby" just had a baby.  They seem to just stand there full of pride, and stare. 

Thanks to great friends, who remind you how much you mean to them, even when you're 1800 miles away and never tire of baby update photos.

Thanks to great-grandmothers who know exactly what to say and do to help with new baby questions and know just when to send help (you know who you are.)  

Thanks to extended family, who remember you in their prayers every day. 

May God continue to bless us, one and all.


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