Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where Did the Time Go?

She is our only child.  
She somehow got away from us around the time she went to high school 
and ceased to be our "baby." 

I had every intention of keeping her home with us until she turned 35 or so. 
It never occurred to me that someday she might have her own agenda and be able
to forge her own way in this world.   

Wouldn't she always need me close by?  

This is the last weekend that we, her parents, will enjoy that single title..Parent.  
We'll have a new title to add....Grandparents.
How in the world did that happen and where did the time go?

She dressed up like a squirrel for a high school play and we were so proud of her performance.
We rode together all day on her first 50 mile endurance ride. 

Tonight, I look back on all the memories, and between tears,
remind myself that life changes all the time. 

I just didn't think it would happen to the three of us.  

Except that now it's the four of us.  

Sometime in the next few days it will be five.  

Welcome, little Josiah Isaac.   We've been waiting for you!

 I'll bet your parents will write something like this about you 
a few years from now...

We are so blessed.



  1. What a wonderful thing to write mama.....

    I remember all those wonderful memories as well! I want our children to have the same happy childhood that I did... and for the record I will always need you :) and dad :)

    Lucio and I sat here and cried reading it....
    God willing our son will be here this weekend, safe and sound.... and we will know the feeling of true unconditional love and sacrifice....

    For not coming with an instruction manuel, I think that you two did a fantastic job... I love you both very much, thank you for raising me to love and walk in the faith. Thank you for putting my needs first... I love you!

  2. For my baby brother my you read knowing how much I love you and how proud I am of you these words brought many tears to my hearts how I remember when we were young having fun never really knowning what life had in store for us and look at you know all grown up, married and now this beautiful baby that God has sent to us through you and Amy thank you for showing me what life is full of love and how to care for my children because of you I found myself and because of your strong love I found what I needed to proceed in my life and believe in myself without you brother life would not be complete congrats brother I love you and I am so proud!!!!!!!!