Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blooms are Busting Out All Over!

  I planted some basic desert cactus when we got our home here in New Mexico a couple of years
ago.  I never dreamed that each cactus had different colored flowers when they bloomed. 

Last week, it was the orange blooms and this week, the yellow ones made their grand entry.

I have determined that cactus is about the only thing I'm capable of growing and tending
to with all the other obligations I have.  Nevertheless, they're worth the effort!


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Chris grew up near Dog Canyon, in southern New Mexico and
wanted photos in that area.  He shared stories of when he was
a little boy and how he still loves to hike the canyons.

This is Angel.  She met me at the door when I came to meet Chris for his senior 
photo session.  She is so cute and I love her ear!

Chris lost his grandmother about a year ago.  He wanted a photo
with her old dog.  This was one of my favorites.

The reason I'm sharing all this with my readers is because
senior photos are supposed to be special.  I hope mine are for these
very special young people.  I love to have clients imagine their
"perfect" portrait if they could picture what that would look like hanging
on a wall.  I love to photograph seniors in the environments they are 
most comfortable with and have a connection to.  

When we find that perfect spot, like we did with Chris, I feel like
I am providing a truly meaningful product.

Until next time,  Linda

Friday, April 23, 2010

Where We Ride...

For months now, I've wanted a chance to share some of our great New Mexico riding trails with those
who either don't ride horses, or haven't had a chance to ride them here.  Last weekend, our dear friends
from Michigan, The Dake's, joined us at our house and now FINALLY, thanks to Shelley's camera,
I have photos to share!  This was taken in Muleshoe Canyon, just a mile from our house.  The canyons
are spectacular, this one being a box canyon which ends right behind shere Gene and Scooter are

Another shot of Muleshoe canyon.  You can see where the water runs off the top of the mesa.  Absolutely gorgeous, with Ocotillo Cactus, Yucca, Claret Cactus, flowers galore, and of course, the
horse's special friends, the Javelina wild pigs, which are thankfully, not pictured here because
they stink...really stink.

This is the view coming out of the canyons.  Muleshoe of in the background to the left, and San
Andreas Canyon is directly behind Gene and Scooter in this photo.  At night, the sunsets light up these
hills..gorgeous pink and orange colors.  To say I am blessed is truly an understatement!

Shelley did a great job taking this photo!  This is headed south towards Oliver Lee State Park.
Everyone is welcome to come ride with me...I've got lots of places to show you!

I'd love to stick around and chat, but as you can see, we're about to pass you and keep riding...

Until next time..Linda

Monday, April 19, 2010


Senior photo time is in full swing.  Had so much fun with Raven and her cousin!  

Can you believe those eyes!  

Wishing you all the happiness in the world, Raven.  Can't wait to watch you soar!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sacramento Mtn Trails...and a Rainbow!

This was the view last night after a brief rain shower over the Sacramento Mountains west of Alamogordo, NM.  Absolutely stunning rainbow action to the east and south of us into the Dog Canyon area. 

I was on my way out for a walk when I turned and saw this beauty.  I ran back into the house to grab my camera to see if I could do it justice...

If you'd like more information on our local trails and the Sacramento Mtns themselves, here's a link to check out:

Dog Canyon Trails (South of us)

Still didn't find the pot of gold...oh wait...yes I have, really.. it's not about "things" at all...

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Alive, It's Alive!

The desert is alive!  Just overnight it seems, it's bloomed!  Rode in the canyons today with my friend Cressy and her wonderful horse, Legs.  All we saw was blooming desert (not to be confused with a Blooming Onion at Outback Steakhouse).  I may or may not be craving onions right now...

   Welcome to my backyard (don't hate me...I know I'm blessed!)  The fields today were dotted with    blooming Yucca plants too.

 This is Muleshoe Canyon.  We rode back behind the lip of the canyon, down into the arroyo below...and climbed back up again.  All the colors are just popping.

I always expect John Wayne to show up whenever we're riding here.  It would be the right thing for him to do.

These blooming Yucca plants dot the desert everywhere.  They start out as big red "blooms" and explode into THIS!

This was the view as I was walking back out of the canyon tonight.  Just had to get some photos to share of our beautiful southwest backyard.  Come visit anytime!  We've always got an extra horse to share!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Session...

This little guy is already a ham!  My kind of baby!  
Seems to be already posing for photographs...

Baby sessions are precious and so much fun!  
Know of someone about to have a baby?  Gift certificates available!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter...

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter.  

I was looking for a timely Easter message to pass along.  I was going to write some profound things about my faith, and Easter, and the symblolism, yada yada yada....

Instead, I found this quote by Robert Flatt.  I think it says it all.  Reach out and do something for someone else this weekend.  Pay it forward, if you will.  It's what we're all supposed to be here for, after all.  

"The Resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances." ~ Robert Flatt

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Half Turkey, Half Horse...

Thought I should upload this before the press gets a hold of it.  Local hunter finds half horse, half turkey during hunting trip in New Mexico.  Unbelievable photo (see above) of actual animal located in the woods in northern New Mexico this past weekend.  Locals say they have heard this animal in the woods many times and even gotten glimpses of it on occasion. 

Negotiations are now under way for news coverage with the actual hunter involved.  Larry King Live (CNN) is said to have the edge at this point, although Rush Limbaugh's producers are in the mix as well, claiming the half horse, half turkey is a result of the Democrats new regulations on commercially grown turkey farms, this being the result of increased hormone additives. 

We just don't know at this point what the heck this is!  Oprah's people are considering a made for TV movie of the incident and events leading up to the capture of this obvious freak of nature.

Stay tuned.   This information may only be available for a day.    HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY~!