Friday, May 21, 2010


"In Riding a Horse, We Borrow Freedom"...Helen Thompson

  It's been a strange year, to be sure.  I have attented at least five or six 
endurance rides by now, and so far have made it to ONE.  I was out on a training ride yesterday
and realized that it's not about the competition as much as it is sharing some quality time with
my horses.  You know you're hooked on riding when there is a direct correlation between the hours
you've been able to spend in the saddle vs. your current stress level...

Once I realized that, I added a couple extra miles to my ride.  Works like a charm!

Blessings, Linda


  1. Absolutely totally agree. Three years ago when my favorite horse passed away, I went into a depression and didn't ride for almost two years. This year I started riding again and feel so much better. Love that photo it's awesome!

  2. Had the same thing happen to me. I finally decided staying away from my horses was the equivalent of living in fear the rest of my life, and that too, was unacceptable!