Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wild Horse Workshops...

    I cannot believe it's been a year this month since I joined Lynne Pomeranz on one of her
    Wild Horse Workshops.  Lynne loves finding and photographing these magnificent horses and
    literally spots them miles away!  We toured the Jicarilla Wild Horse Preserve and the Monero
   Mustang Sanctuary over three wonderful days of being in the midst of these treasures of the

   You need not have a camera to attend one of her Wild Horse Photo workshops.  Just being in
   the same area is exhilarating.  I almost forgot who I was and where I lived by the third day.
   I came home more relaxed and refreshed than any other getaway I've ever been on.

  This little guy was the only foal at Monero when we were there.  Now there are quite
            a few!  Sandi Claypool would love to show you around.  Here's her info

    For more information on Lynne's wonderful workshops and to sign up for a workshop yourself, 
    here is her link:
    Wild Horse Workshops   Lynne would be glad to show you around and knows
    just about each horse by name and reputation.  There is nothing quite like sitting
   on top of a peak at Jicarilla Wild Horse Preserve, eating lunch and gazing over the
   stunning scenery only northern New Mexico can share, knowing you have
   memories of these horses that will last a lifetime. 

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