Monday, January 24, 2011

Animal Village Alamogordo, New Mexico...

If you read my last few blog posts, you know I'm in the business of giving whenever I can.
You also know I met up with the girls from Katie Clark Photography last week at the 
Imaging USA photography conference in San Antonio.  Well, they followed me back to New Mexico
for a much needed vacation, and we "tag teamed" photographing the adoptable dogs and puppies at
Animal Village NM, (Hwy 70) here in Alamogordo.  

The above photo is  Lexie, a puppy from the litter described below, and just look at her now!  I'll let Sunny from Animal Village tell the story:

Maggie came to AVNM as one of our ‘Popsicle Stick Mommies.” Her hip bones stuck out more than an inch from her body, and she was trying to nurse 13 of her surviving 14 babies, born at Animal Control 3 days earlier in Artesia. As they were going to put this beautiful mommy and her babies to death (few facilities will commit the space needed for months, for a litter to be raised and weaned), we agreed to take them and found a foster home.  However, because she did not have the good health to pass on to them when she gave birth, these puppies had many issues, such as ringworm, upper respiratory infections, and ultimately, some succumbed to distemper and parvo. Most were able to overcome all issues, and are now in loving homes, for which the staff (and families of these beautiful puppies) is very grateful. The cost financially, for veterinary care and medications, homeopathics, I.V. drips to keep them hydrated, and multiple medications necessary to save their lives was more than $6,000.  We paid for the mother to be spayed, and she is now in a loving home also. Our adoption fees did not cover even our kennel salaries for their care.

We love the animals in our care, and we do not give up on them. At Animal Village NM, euthanasia is something to be considered only when an animal is suffering- without a chance of recovery. But we pay for all this out of our pockets, and we absolutely need the financial support of the public to continue in this work, which is the business of saving lives.

Katie Clark grabbed this great shot of another adoptable puppy available at Animal Village NM.
Please stop by, make a donation, and meet the incredible staff who works so hard to save so many 
lives.  Cats and kittens are available too, and they all love visitors!  

Boarding facilities also available for animal "parents" who are traveling, and they also offer a
pet food bank for anyone in need.  They can be reached at (575) 937-2509.

Please, if you have an extra dollar or two, consider this most worthy cause.  Donations can be
made from the website Animal Village NM and be sure and "Like" them on Facebook to
keep up to date with all the events at the Village!

Blessings, Linda

Monday, January 17, 2011

Imaging USA...

Imaging USA, Professional Photographer's Ass'n annual
Convention is going on now in San Antonio, and what
a great time we're having!  

Classes, lectures, presentations and the Expo trade show, sure
to make every photographer drool over the new equipment
and supplies we can use in the coming year to make clients
even happier!

So tickled to meet up with the girls from Katie Clark Photography
here in San Antonio!  Katie's mother is my dearest childhood 
friend and watching Katie soar with her own photography business
has been such a treat!

From Deep in the Heart of Texas...for now...  Linda

Friday, January 7, 2011


I don't make New Years resolutions.  If I did, I would just be reminded
as I broke them that I messed up...so it's easier just to try to focus on a 
priority for each year, learning as much about myself as I can.

This year's theme is Giving..

I found a website recently that reminds us that giving, even just a little and not always with
money, can be a very rewarding experience.  

I'm reading a Debbie Macomber book also on the same subject called One Simple Act.

Both have opened my eyes to the possibility that we can, a little at a time, do so much
to make this a better place.  My husband reminded me also, that it doesn't take much to look around
and see family members who's situations may have changed in the past year or so who
aren't bonafide "charities", yet need our help every bit as much.  

There are teachers out there who need funding for small classroom projects and are so
grateful when the donations come in and supplies can be purchased.

Even just noticing that the young mother in front of you in the grocery line
may be struggling to afford the few things she purchased.  If you have the extra funds, 
you can renew someone's faith in people...just with one simple act.

So whichever way you consider helping, I challenge you that when this year is over and
you've done your best, you will be the one truly blessed by the experience.

"A prerequisite to living abundantly is giving abundantly"...
~ Elizabeth Peale Allen ~