Friday, January 7, 2011


I don't make New Years resolutions.  If I did, I would just be reminded
as I broke them that I messed up...so it's easier just to try to focus on a 
priority for each year, learning as much about myself as I can.

This year's theme is Giving..

I found a website recently that reminds us that giving, even just a little and not always with
money, can be a very rewarding experience.  

I'm reading a Debbie Macomber book also on the same subject called One Simple Act.

Both have opened my eyes to the possibility that we can, a little at a time, do so much
to make this a better place.  My husband reminded me also, that it doesn't take much to look around
and see family members who's situations may have changed in the past year or so who
aren't bonafide "charities", yet need our help every bit as much.  

There are teachers out there who need funding for small classroom projects and are so
grateful when the donations come in and supplies can be purchased.

Even just noticing that the young mother in front of you in the grocery line
may be struggling to afford the few things she purchased.  If you have the extra funds, 
you can renew someone's faith in people...just with one simple act.

So whichever way you consider helping, I challenge you that when this year is over and
you've done your best, you will be the one truly blessed by the experience.

"A prerequisite to living abundantly is giving abundantly"...
~ Elizabeth Peale Allen ~

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