Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One of those Days...

It's been one of those days...I mean weeks...no, I mean months.

Got back from a great Imaging USA conference in Texas
and immediately tried to kick in all the gears and rush around to catch
up on what I hadn't gotten done while I was gone.  Ended up
with a broken wrist from tripping and falling the day I got home. 

Who would have guessed that a little wrist wouldn't have been
able to break my fall?  Silly....

Anyhow, things are healing and life goes on with a valuable
lesson learned...slow down.

There is nothing that can't wait while you rest and relax a little
every once in a while.  Even I "get it" this time. 

 So, notice the flowers, the beauty of everything around you and
stop once in a while to notice who needs a hug and then go give one.

The rest can wait.  If you don't learn this lesson, you may just get it
handed to you on a plate...or in the form of a purple cast...I'm just sayin'....


1 comment:

  1. Oh, no! You are not supposed to do that!

    Hope it heals without complications, and doesn't hurt too bad!