Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today's blog is of a more personal note.  

I have been giving a lot of thought lately to priorities...and change.
I have been riding distance horses (endurance riding) since 1987.  I've missed a couple
of years along the way due to job losses, or family situations which arose, or injuries, but
have always come back to the sport, which I dearly love. 

If you look up my record, it's less than impressive.  I have just over 4000 miles of
 competition mileage  if you add together both endurance and competitive trail mileage. 
Most of my friends in the sport are now reaching mileage in the 7,000-20,000 mile range. 
Let's just say I'll never get there. 

What I have realized is this.  The only angst I have against leaving the competitive world
is not being able to ride with my friends, together, on trail.  It has occurred to me that I 
would enjoy just going away for a weekend and riding with friends, every bit as much
as I would had I actually entered a competition to do the same thing.  Never thought
I'd say that!

So...(AHA Moment here)...it's about the people, the relationships, the wonderful horses
and the camaraderie of worshiping together in the church of the woods, or the desert, or
the mountains or wherever we happen to be riding and spending time together. 

It's about the memories.  
The family time together, watching our daughter grow up on the back of a horse, 
riding alongside me.  It's about the losses, the celebrations and the pure joy of riding.
It's about a special horse, the joy of spending hundreds or thousands 
of miles together over the years.

I'm thinking it was never about winning....anything.  

Until next time,   Linda

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Animal Village N.M. Alamogordo, NM...

Giving Back...

It's part of our being, our makeup as humans to help others and those who cannot
help themselves, animals.

Sunny Aris and her group of wonderful volunteers have taken it beyond that.
They have taken on the charge of animal welfare and finding forever homes
for these wonderful dogs and cats at ANIMAL VILLAGE N.M.

Stop by their place on Hwy 54/70 between Alamogordo and Tularosa.  
You won't be disappointed!  The environment is addictive and makes you 
want to help and volunteer and more importantly, adopt an animal to break
their cycle of rejection by others.

Sunny, we applaud your inginuity, your courage and your love of these
lovable, cuddly animals who only want a family of their own...

If you'd like to volunteer, call Sunny at 575-937-2509.  She'd sure appreciate
the help!  But be careful, you'll find yourself going back again and again!

Until next time,  Linda

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jeff & Vivien...

I cannot tell you how much fun I had with Jeff and Vivien!
What a wonderful couple and obviously so happy together...

The breeze was just enough to enhance the veil, blowing in the wind...

Of course, these were taken at Inn of the Mountain Gods in Mescalero, NM

If you haven't been there, you're really missing a treat!  See them here
Inn of the Mountain Gods and book your getaway today!

Congratulations to you both.  It was an honor to photograph your
very special day!  Wishing you decades of happiness and love!

until next time....Linda

Saturday, April 9, 2011

TrailBlazer Magazine...

I was taking photos during Day 1 of the recent Old Pueblo Ride
near Sonoita, Arizona.  My fellow horse photographer, Bobbie rode by
and I was tickled to be able to get a photograph of her and her horse.
(Us photographers rarely get photos of our own horses!)

She liked the photo and this week, surprised me and sent me this
magazine cover!  We always love getting cover shots...

If you haven't seen TrailBlazer Magazine recently, pick up a copy
or subscribe here TrailBlazer Magazine