Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunset Run Fundraiser ~ Alamogordo, NM...

Alamo Shape hosted the Sunset Run yesterday in Alamogordo.  This was a Half Marathon and 5K Run/Walk to benefit numerous animal rescue operations in the area.  Animal Village N.M., Kitty City, Tularosa Animal Rescue, among others.  Many thanks also to Petroclyps of Alamogordo for giving so much of their time and effort to this event...What a great time we had!

Pet portraits offered for donations to Animal Village N.M.   Here's a few of the participants priceless mug shots!

Here's Rosemarie Ferrara (right) of Alamo Shape.  She is joined by two volunteers from Animal Village N.M. who grabbed a couple adoptable dogs and joined in on the fun!

Thanks to everyone who participated.  We'll be back next year for more memories captured of the pets we love so much.  If you're looking for a pet, please stop by any of the animal rescue shelters in our area.  These animals KNOW they are special and love you back for giving them forever homes...

Hope to see everyone there next year!  Thanks for helping out!


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