Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ft Stanton Pioneer Endurance Rides - 2011...New Mexico

There is a magic about these trails.  Ft. Stanton is our favorite endurance ride to 
attend, and we've been to a lot of rides in a lot of places!  Ride and Ties are also
popular here all week, and we sure enjoyed watching those folks torture themselves!

Maybe it's because it's our annual "vacation"...you know, the one where you return home
more tired than when you left!  The one where you reunite with so many friends
for an entire week.  The one where you cry when you see a friend's horse going down
trail after the friend has passed away... you get the picture.

We also participate each year in the Ft. Stanton St. Jude's Children's Hospital fundraiser...

  We hope to reach $10,000 or more this year alone.  The past two years
have been huge for fundraising from a relatively small group of competitors.
Michael and Julia Elias from Horses Dacor organize the St. Jude's fundraiser.  

This year, we again offered portraits for donations.  

As always, we hope to see everyone there next year.  We'll be back at these trails
for the 2011 AERC National Championship Rides in August!  Come volunteer, 
or join us for some great trails with excellent ride management, Roger and Sue Taylor!

Here's a sneak peak at part of the first loop for the Championships!

Until next time!    Linda

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