Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heirloom Photos...

The above photo, I believe, is an example of an heirloom type
photograph.  The kind that is ageless, and represents a relationship
or a moment in time.  The kind you want to just sit and think up
a title for...the kind your clients want to keep to remember a
special relationship.

Here is the same photo before it was edited.  Still a good photo that
represents a relationship, however, I think in some cases, the addition
of the sepia or black and white less saturated tones adds to the "story."

Next time you're flipping through recent photos you've taken, try changing
the "tone" and change the feel of the photo!

On another note, I am offering pet photos (with or without family) for the
month of August for a special cause...www.animalvillageNM.com
will be the recipients of half the proceeds from August portrait sessions.

Call now for your appointment.  If you haven't visited this Alamogordo, NM
no-kill shelter for animals, you are really missing out!  They are doing a fantastic
job of saving lives!


Until next time...Linda

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