Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Going Home....Michigan

     Technically, it's not really home, I guess.  We made a quick trip to Michigan to see family and
     friends and could not have had a better time!  Apologies to those we weren't able to see due to
     the tight time constraints, but we were thinking of you!

     We had a great grandmother who had never seen the great grandson, so we checked in there
      and had a fabulous time with the "Dude"...He got to fly on his first airplane, step barefoot in
      tall grass for the first time in Michigan and he was so upset about that part!  Apparently, he's

                            Especially in these turbulent times where none of us seem to be able to
                       make any sense out of anything that's going on, it's so important to see and
                       spend time with family and friends...that's what it's all about!

                      Thanks to Karen, Jeanie and Larry and Andy who all took time out of
                      their day to come all the way down to visit us!  It was so nice to see
                      everyone.  A special thanks to "Grandpa Gene" for all the fun Kubota rides!

                                                   So nice to see Great Grandma Sherrill !!!

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