Thursday, October 6, 2011

Denver Komen Race for the Cure...and My Sister

We wouldn't miss it for the world.  Every year my family converges on Denver in October
for the Komen Race for the Cure event.  We walk with my sister Brenda, who is a 
cancer survivor and attempt, in our own way, to be a part of her survivor celebration.  

She is our HERO!

Even the smallest member of the family joins in and shows his
support for his Auntie Bren.  I'm not sure how he got away without
actually Walking the Walk...hmmm...

The walk winds around by Mile High Stadium and we go across I-25.  That's the
best part!  All the cars going under the overpass honk and wave every year.  Makes you 
feel like you're actually part of something big...this year there were 55,000 walkers!

This is my favorite photo from this year's walk.  My mom, literally
out-walked her two grandsons!  They were hanging back and I'm sure
just before this photo was taken, she went back and gathered them up!
My mom actually out-walks all of us!

Until next year, come join us!  (Grandma pays for lunch afterwards
every year...it's worth the trip!) 

Brenda, you're our inspiration to live each day to the fullest, 100%, leaving
nothing out...every single day.  You have taught us all how to live...

Love, Linda

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