Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!  

Welcome to 2012...I'm always trying to be the best I can be, and this year is no different. 

Thought I'd jot down and share some ideas I had for myself...just some things to think about ~ I believe we can all use a helping hand from time to time, especially now.

So, I've captioned these photos to remind myself of what I can do here in my own community...

Enjoy, and welcome to a clean slate ~ 2012.

 Look around.  See what you can do for someone else.  We're confronted with the needs of others every day.  This isn't hard and it doesn't always mean spending money.

Don't be skeptical or judgmental.  Everyone can use a hand now and then.
 Even the people who seem so strong.

Put your thinking cap on.  You can do this!

Hold out your hat for someone in need this year.
Help collect for their family or your favorite charity...

Avoid negativity....don't even look at it!

Stop and listen to someone else.  They may just have the insight you needed!

  What gifts do you have to offer?  Something specific to your talents!

Be yourself!

In keeping with these thoughts, here are a couple of charities I'll be donating to this year. 
You choose your own, or perhaps consider adding these to your list.  Both are organizations
trying to make this a better place...one day at a time.

The Mandala Center -  Northern New Mexico...
They offer a variety of workshops for individuals and groups seeking time and study for spiritual growth, personal and professional development, health and wellness, and creative outlet.
Check them out here:
  Mandala Center

Animal Village N.M. - Alamogordo, NM
A no-kill animal shelter dedicated to saving lives.
Check them out here:  Animal Village NM

Happy New Year!  Make it a great one!

Blessings, Linda

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