Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Friends or Family? ....and Washington State

Friends or Family?

We visited beautiful Washington State recently to see my friend of 42 years and her family.  We were both adopted and have shared that bond as long as we've known each other.  

As you can see, the view in Washington is stunning, to say the least!  ...and this photo is now a 20 x 30 portrait hanging in my photography office!

My post today is actually about family, 
or the potential fullness of it. 

We have told our daughter since she was old enough to understand, that there will sometimes be friends in your life who may be closer to you than some family members.  It's true. 

We have dear friends in Michigan who are family...but not legally.
Family all the same.  

This post is about a blessed Easter weekend with family...yep the kind you have with friends.  Family all the same. 

Sharing loss, love and realizing at our age that all that really matters anymore is getting to heaven, and capturing the memories of our short time shared together.  

Family, friends, pets...it's all just love. Pure and simple.

We all shared a loss during our visit, Katie had left us all far 
too early, but the richness of our time together was filling my heart to the brim with love and just sharing the pitfalls of this life...

with family

....even just for a weekend.

When you can catch up after months or years without seeing each other and it seems like yesterday...that's Family!