Friday, September 21, 2012

Why Do I Do This? ......

Why Do I Do This?

It's a question I've asked myself in recent weeks as I think about how I got here.  My photography, I mean.

I'm looking back on how it all started, the motivation it took to finally decide to go pro and charge for my work and the eventual direction it all took.

I do this because I lost a horse during a storm that about blew our farm away in Michigan.
I realized later that I only had a precious few photos of the horse that was lost.
I decided that would never happen again.

I do this because friends have animals that are like their children...
who are growing older and won't always be here to see in person.

I do this because friends should always have memories of friends.  Human and equine!

I do this because little boys grow up way too fast...

I do this because I may never pass this way again...

I do this for the laughter...

I do this because I preserve memories for friends...who miss their friends.

I do this because it's my passion...

...and one day to someone, somewhere, it will really matter.

I love what I do!

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